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The Fiscal Impact of Immigration: Labor Displacement, Wages, and the Allocation of Public Spending*

Andrés Castaño
Carlos A. Mesa-Guerra
We reexamine the effect of immigration on public finances by accounting for second-order effects. We exploit exogenous variation in immigration across Colombian metropolitan areas between 2013 and 2018, resulting from […]

Immigrant Networks in the Labor Market

Using unique survey data linked to social security records and the large influx of Venezuelan immigrants to Colombia in recent years, this paper provides evidence on the empirical relationships between […]

Matching and City Size Wage Gaps under the Shadow of Informality: Evidence from Mexico

Jorge Meléndez
Jorge Pérez Pérez
Jose G. Nuño Ledesma
Larger labor markets provide workers and firms with better opportunities to find each other, enhancing positive assortative matching. We measure the extent of these agglomeration externalities in Mexico, where informal […]

Eficiencia de la intermediación laboral de la Agencia Pública de Empleo del SENA: El caso del Valledel Cauca

Alejandro Pérez Lugo
Boris Salazar Trujillo
Diana M. Jiménez
Un emparejamiento laboral es el resultado de que un empleador encuentre a un buscador de empleo que llene una vacante laboral. Como no existe un espacio físico en el que […]

A Peace Baby Boom? Evidence from Colombia’s Peace Agreement

Juan F. Vargas
María E. Guerra-Cújar
Mounu Prem
Paul Rodríguez-Lesmes
Violent environments affect household fertility choices, demand for health services and health outcomes of newborns. Using administrative data from Colombia and a difference-in-differences strategy, we study how the end of […]

Visualization, Identification and Estimation in the Linear Panel Event-Study Design

Christian Hansen
Jesse M. Shapiro
Jorge Pérez Pérez
Simon Freyaldenhoven
Linear panel models, and the «event-study plots» that often accompany them, are popular tools for learning about policy effects. We discuss the construction of event-study plots and suggest ways to […]

The Spending Responses to Adverse Health Shocks: Evidence from a Panel of Colombian Households

Andrés Gallegos
Darwin Cortés
Jorge Pérez Pérez
We analyze the effect of adverse health shocks on households’ different expenditure shares using a difference in differences approach. We find that households engage in substitution between health and food […]

Decomposing the Gender Pay Gap in Colombia: Do Industry and Occupation Matter?

Andrés García-Suaza
Tania Camila Lamprea
This paper aims to quantify at which extent industry and occupation characteristics explain the gender pay gap in Colombia. To quantify the role of these factors we perform counterfactual decomposition […]