Payment for ecosystem services and motivational crowding: Experimental insights regarding the integration of plural values via non-monetary incentives

Incentives based on extrinsic motivations such as Payments for ecosystem Services (PES) could negatively affect intrinsic motivations (i.e., motivational crowding-out). This effect may be evidenced when conservation levels, after PES intervention, decline relative to those existing before PES implementation. However, still few experimental studies have assessed PES effects on motivations once economic incentives are missing. […]

The Fiscal Impact of Immigration: Labor Displacement, Wages, and the Allocation of Public Spending

We reexamine the effect of immigration on public finances by accounting for second-order effects. We exploit exogenous variation in immigration across Colombian metropolitan areas between 2013 and 2018,resulting from the large increase in Venezuelan immigrants,and instrument immigrants’ residential location using pre-existing settlement patterns and the distance between origin-destination flows. We find that immigration did not […]