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How long-duration kidnapping might have affected the preferences of FARC-EP operatives?

María Castillo
Based on the announcement of the FARC-EP or Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces – People’s Army, that will give up kidnapping and start a general agreement with the Colombian government for […]

How is the trade-off between adverse selection and discrimination risk affected by genetic testing? Theory and experiment

César Mantilla
David Bardey
Philippe De Donder
We develop a theoretical analysis of two widely used regulations of genetic tests, Disclosure Duty and Consent Law, and we run an experiment in order to shed light on both […]

Extracting Low-Cost Signals of Perceived Quality Control in Community Pharmacies: A Simulated Client Study of Contraceptive Dispensing in Bogotá

Álvaro Morales
César Mantilla
Paul Rodríguez
Santiago Ortiz Ortiz
Tatiana Andia
We determine whether community pharmacies in Bogotá produce differential quality signals, and if they are related to an objective quality measure: the compliance with prescription rules. In this quantitative descriptive […]

Ego-relevance in team production

César Mantilla
Zahra Murad
We study how individuals’ effort contribution to a team production task varies depending on whether the task is ego relevant or not. We conduct an experiment to test the effect […]

Discrimination in post-conflict settings: Experimental evidence from Colombia

Kerstin Unfried
Lina Restrepo Plaza
Marcela Ibáñez Díaz
After a civil war, community support for the reintegration of ex-combatants is crucial for peace-building. Using a crowdfunding campaign to promote trainees’ business ideas, we investigate whether university students discriminate […]

Building inclusive institutions in polarized scenarios

Enrique Fatas
Lina Restrepo Plaza
We study how the polarization of voters and platforms influences political participation and the political inclusion of others in a series of lab-in-the-field experiments run in Colombia. We present a […]

Multivariate Cointegration and Temporal Aggregation: Some Further Simulation Results

Georgios Papapanagiotou
Jesús Otero
Theodore Panagiotidis
We perform Monte Carlo simulations to study the effect of increasing the frequency of observations and data span on the Johansen (J Econ Dyn Control 12(2–3):231– 254, 1988; Likelihood-based inference […]

Measuring the size and growth of cities using nighttime light

Diego A. Martin
Juan F. Vargas
Rafael Ch
This paper uses nighttime luminosity to estimate a globally comparable measure of the size of metropolitan areas around the world for the years 2000 and 2010. We apply recently-proposed methodologies […]