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Sanitation dynamics: toilet acquisition and its economic and social implications in rural and urban contexts

Britta Augsburg
Paul Rodríguez
This paper uses primary micro-data from Indian households residing in rural villages and poor urban neighbourhoods to shed light on household sanitation decision-making. We use a theoretical economic model to […]

Producción de biocombustibles y empleo rural en Colombia 2009 – 2015

Carlos Vasco
Jorge Barrientos
Este trabajo de investigación estima el efecto de la política de mezcla de biocombustibles sobre la generación de empleo mral en Colombia, a través de la aplicación de la metodología […]

Communal Property Rights and Deforestation

Mauricio Romero Posada
Santiago Saavedra
Almost a third of the world’s forest area is communally managed. In principle, this arrangement could lead to a ‘tragedy of the commons’ and therefore more deforestation. But it may […]

Crime and education in a model of information transmission

Darío Maldonado
Darwin Cortes
Guido Friebel
We model the decisions of young individuals to stay in school or drop out and engage in criminal activities. We build on the literature on human capital and crime engagement […]

Kangaroo mother care had a protective effect on the volume of brain structures in young adults born preterm

Adriana Montealegre-Pomar
Darwin Cortes
Felipe Uriza
José Hernández
Juan Ruiz
Nathalie Charpak
Rejean Tessier
Aim: The protective effects of Kangaroo mother care (KMC) on the neurodevelop-ment of preterm infants are well established, but we do not know whether the ben-efits persist beyond infancy. Our aim […]

The daily grind: Cash needs and labor supply

Jonathan Robinson
Pascaline Dupas
Santiago Saavedra
The majority of people in developing countries are self-employed and can therefore set their own work hours. How do self-employed individuals motivate themselves to work hard day after day? We […]

Infografía: Los retos de ser madre en el mercado laboral colombiano

Juan David Cuesta Velásquez
Maria Jose Mancera Rey
A través de un modelo Logit multinominal, los investigadores del proyecto «Aspectos Macroeconómicos e Institucionales sobre las Causas y Consecuencias de la Informalidad» de Aliaza EFI, buscaron establecer las probabilidades […]

The gradient allocation principle based on the higher moment risk measure

Fabio Gómez
Qihe Tang
Zhwei Tong
According to the gradient allocation principle based on a positively homogeneous and subadditive risk measure, the capital allocated to a sub-portfolio is the Gâteaux derivative, assuming it exists, of the […]