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Informe Estudio Nacional de Emprendimiento a Tenderos, segunda ronda

Andrés Ortiz
Iván Medina
Juan Urueña
Luis Gutiérrez
María Pinzón
Mauricio Romero Posada
Paul Rodríguez
La Alianza EFI en el marco del proyecto “Emprendimiento, desarrollo de capacidades empresariales e inclusión productiva” tiene como objetivo evaluar el impacto de la formación en capital gerencial e inclusión financiera […]

Reintegration and forgiveness to ex-combatants in Colombia

Lina Restrepo Plaza
Luis Murillo
The aftermath of over 50 years of uninterrupted conflict is not only underdevelopment and casualties. It is also the loss of social ties, the mistrust, and the difficulties to build […]

Citizens from 13 countries share similar preferences for COVID-19 vaccine allocation priorities

Adrian Barnett
Alessia Melegaro
Ana Gibertoni
Jean-Francois Bonnefon
Jorge Friedman
Juan Vargas
Julia Seither
Laurence S. J. Roope
Mara Violato
Mariana Blanco
Matias Fuentes
Paolo Candio
Pavan Mamidi
Peter John Loewen
Philip M. Clarke
Raymond Duch
Thomas S. Robinsone
Xinyang Hua
How does the public want a COVID-19 vaccine to be allocated?We conducted a conjoint experiment asking 15,536 adults in 13 countries to evaluate 248,576 profiles of potential vaccine recipients who […]

How do risk attitudes affect pro-social behavior? Theory and experiment

Santiago Sautua
Sean Fahle
We explore how risk preferences affect pro-social behavior under uncertainty. We analyze a modified dictator game in which the dictator can, by reducing her own sure payoff, increase the odds […]

The effects of FX-interventions on forecasters disagreement: A mixed data sampling view

Ana Iregui
Jesus Otero
Mark Holmes
We analyse the heterogeneity of exchange rate forecasts by a panel of professional forecasters. Adopting the view that forecasters’ economic behaviour is such that they constantly collect, process and analyse […]

Tobacco taxes and illicit cigarette trade in Colombia

Blanca Llorente
Juan Gallego
Norman Maldonado
Paul Rodríguez
Susana Otálvaro
This paper estimates the short-term impact of a twofold increase of the tobacco excise tax on consumption of illicit cigarette trade in Colombia. Using data collected before and after the […]

Price smoking participation elasticity in Colombia: estimates by age and socioeconomic level

Juan Gallego
Paul Rodríguez
Susana Otálvaro
Background Tobacco prevalence in Colombia is small compared with other Latin America despite the nation’s tobacco taxes being among the lowest in the region. However, tobacco taxes have increased several times […]