Renewable resource dynamics: A Web-based classroom experiment

The authors adapted a lab-in-the-field experiment emulating the dynamic extraction of a fishery to create a Web-based classroom experiment. The game includes a multi-player version analogous to an open access problem and a single-player version analogous to the social planner problem. This game is helpful in introductory microeconomics courses to teach about dominant strategies and […]

Land division: A lab-in-the-field bargaining experiment

We design a framed bargaining experiment to explore how farmers allocate inherited land. In the experiment, two players with heterogeneous productivity inherit a land plot yielding a risky production, and some tokens to bargain over a land allocation. We conduct this experiment in Colombia with 256 participants from rural municipalities and 120 undergraduate students. Although […]

Extracting Low-Cost Signals of Perceived Quality Control in Community Pharmacies: A Simulated Client Study of Contraceptive Dispensing in Bogotá

We determine whether community pharmacies in Bogotá produce differential quality signals, and if they are related to an objective quality measure: the compliance with prescription rules. In this quantitative descriptive study, we use the simulated client methodology (N=298) to assess whether Bogota’s community pharmacies comply with prescription rules related to contraceptive medications. We find that […]

Ego-relevance in team production

We study how individuals’ effort contribution to a team production task varies depending on whether the task is ego relevant or not. We conduct an experiment to test the effect of egorelevance when the team production depends on the team’s top- or bottom-performer. Egorelevance is manipulated by calling the Raven IQ Test an “IQ Task” […]

Does price-cap regulation work for increasing access to contraceptives? Aggregate- and pharmacy-level evidence from Colombia

Price caps through international reference pricing are widely used worldwide but not so commonly in over-thecounter markets. We study the short-term effects of a price cap regulation for oral contraceptives in Colombia, a market dominated by the presence of several branded generics with multiple active ingredients. Most of the regulated products were fourth-generation contraceptives, and […]

Hacia donde llevar la estrategia para el control del Covid-19 en Colombia

La pandemia de COVID-19 ha sido un detonante de afectaciones personales, sociales, políticas y económicas a escala mundial. La pandemia y los riesgos que representa para la salud de la población implicaron adoptar medidas para prevenir el contagio del virus y frenar la mortalidad. En muchos Estados hubo restricción a derechos fundamentales, inversiones inesperadas en […]

Preferences, uncertainty, and biases in land division: A bargaining experiment in the field

Divisions of rural land in developing countries reduce the possibilities of farmers to profit from agricultural returns to scale. We design and conduct a framed bargaining experiment to study whether land overvaluation (due to affective reasons) and uncertainty in land values are drivers for land division. In our bargaining game, two players with different agricultural […]