The occupational structure of Latin American Countries and worker exposure to COVID

The COVID has spread in Latin America at a later stage of industrialized countries. Even if such states had a better understanding and more available information on how to face the virus, the sanitary infrastructure was less prepared in comparison to the industrialized countries. Latin American Countries (LAC) have a health system with inadequate coverage […]

Extracting value from job vacancy information

This paper presents a comprehensive methodology to collect and standardise vacancyinformation systematically from job portals. Describes available information in Colombian jobportals. Describes the methodology (web scraping) and challenges to automatically and rapidlycollect a massive number of online job vacancies. Also explains the methods that can be usedto homogenise variables, and explains challenges involved in standardising […]

Possible effects of coronavirus in the colombian labour market

The COVID-19 pandemic and its social distancing measures have brought unprecedentedsocio-economic challenges worldwide. One of the most urgent questions is howthe labour force will be affected by the pandemic. The answer to this question will haveconsiderable impact on the countries’ productivity, poverty and unemployment rates,etc. Consequently, the measurement of jobs which can be performed without […]