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Interest rate convergence across maturities: Evidence from bank data in an emerging market economy

Ana María Iregui
Jesús Otero
Mark Holmes
Against a background of financial liberalisation reforms, we assess the extent of market integration and competition in Colombian retail deposits and loans markets. We employ a dataset comprising bank-level interest […]

Credit and saving constraints in general equilibrium: A quantitative exploration

Catalina Granda
Cesar E. Tamayo
Franz Hamann
In this paper we build an incomplete-markets model with heterogeneous households and firms to study the aggregate effects of saving constraints and credit constraints in general equilibrium. We calibrate the […]

Transit infrastructure and informal housing: Assessing an expansion of Medellín’s Metrocable system

Andrés García-Suaza
Héctor M. Posada
Transportation policies have a valuable influence on the allocation of resources within cities. Therefore, investigating the impacts of transit interventions is relevant, especially in developing countries where informal housing is […]

Search intensity, search time and prices: evidence from retail diesel markets in France

Jeisson Cárdenas
Jesús Otero
Luis Gutiérrez
We study the effect of price variations over time and across space on search intensity and search time by consumers in retail markets for diesel in France. The main contribution […]

Brothers or invaders? How crisis-driven migrants shape voting behavior

Juan Vargas
Sandra V. Rozo
We study the electoral effects of the arrival of 1.3 million Venezuelan refugees in Colombia as a consequence of the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis. We exploit the fact that forced migrants […]

Announcement of the first metro line and its impact on housing prices in Bogotá

Jeisson Cárdenas
Juan Gallego
María Urrutia
Transport infrastructure investment impacts mobility and may significantly affect the capitalisation of the areas surrounding these infrastructure projects, even before the projects are completed. This paper analyses the impact that […]

Robotics in solid waste handling: From science fiction to reality

Carlos Julián Gallego Duque
Juan Camilo David
Luis Felipe Ortiz-Clavijo
Sergio Armando Gutiérrez Betancur
It is currently estimated that approximately 55% of the world population lives in urban centers (World Bank, 2020). This is partly caused by phenomena such as the migration of people […]

Estimating cost-effectiveness thresholds under a managed healthcare system: experiences from Colombia

Diego Ávila
Giancarlo Romano
Hernán Enríquez
Luis Orozco
Mateo Ceballos
Oscar Espinosa
Paul Rodríguez
Like most of the world, low- and middle-income countries have faced a growing demand for new health technologies and higher budget constraints. It is necessary to have technical instruments to […]