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Determinantes socioeconómicos, productivos y de disponibilidad de productos financieros para el acceso y uso de crédito de los productores de café en Colombia

Dirección de Investigaciones Económicas
Federación Nacional de Cafeteros
Colombia produce cerca de 13 millones de sacos al año (promedio de los últimos años), posicionando al país como el tercer exportador mundial de café y el primero de café […]

The Contribution of Workers, Workplaces, and Sorting to Wage Inequality in Mexico

Jorge Pérez
José Nuño
We use a matched worker-workplace dataset comprising the near universe of formal private-sector workers in Mexico to estimate the contribution of average workplace-specific wagepremia, worker-level characteristics, and assortative matching on […]

The Fiscal Impact of Immigration: Labor Displacement, Wages, and the Allocation of Public Spending

Andrés Castaño
Carlos Mesa
We reexamine the effect of immigration on public finances by accounting for second-order effects. We exploit exogenous variation in immigration across Colombian metropolitan areas between 2013 and 2018,resulting from the […]

“Development Studies”Economic Expertise of Development Policies & Projects

Jade Lemoine
According to the measurement of national accounts, in Colombia, in 2015, participation to unobserved economy represented 24.4% of total production and 29.9% of value added. These statistics were obtained thanks […]

Analysis of the informal sector in colombia in the late 2010’s

Cheick Atji
We study the weight of informality in the Colombian labour market and wage consequences in extensive and intensive margins. Using EMICRON (Encuesta de Micronegocios 2019) data over 86,969 micro and […]

Preferences, uncertainty, and biases in land division: A bargaining experiment in the field

César Mantilla
Margarita Gáfaro
Divisions of rural land in developing countries reduce the possibilities of farmers to profit from agricultural returns to scale. We design and conduct a framed bargaining experiment to study whether […]

Human capital, innovation and productivity in colombian enterprises: a structural approach using instrumental variables

Juan Miguel Gallego
Mery Tamayo
Simón Ramírez
In this paper we explore the R&D-innovation-productivity linkage for the Colombian manufacturing industry, paying special attention to the role of human capital. Using data from two firm-level surveys such as […]