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The internal labor marketsof business groups

Borja Larraín
Federico Huneeus
Mauricio Larraín
Mounu Prem
This paper provides micro evidence of labor mobility inside business groups. We show that worker flows between firms in the same group are stronger than with unaffiliated firms. More over, […]

The fertility-inhibiting effect of mosquitoes: Socio-economic differences in response to the Zika crisis in Colombia

Luis F. Gamboa
Paul Rodríguez
We estimated the impact of the Zika virus outbreak on birth rates and demand for health care services in Colombia. Our analysis exploits the variation in the level of natural […]

Price elasticity of demandfor voluntary health insurance plans in Colombia

Juan Gallego
María Casabianca
Pamela Góngora
Paul Rodríguez
Background: Since 1993, Colombia has had a mandatory social health insurance scheme that aims to provide universal health coverage to all citizens. However, some contributory regime participants purchase voluntary private […]

Human capital, innovationand productivity in Colombian enterprises: astructural approach usinginstrumental variables

Juan Miguel Gallego
Mery Tamayo
Simón Ramírez
In this paper we explore the R&D–innovation–productivity linkage for the Colombian manufacturing industry, paying special attention to the role of human capital. Using data from two firm-level surveys, the Survey […]

Conexiones y capital socialo por qué la información devacantes no llega a quienesla necesitan

Boris Salazar
Diana M. Jiménez
Resumen Entre un 50% y un 60% de los trabajadores encuentran empleo con información que proporcionan amigos, familiares o conocidos. En una simulación en red, estudiamos cómo evoluciona el número […]

Bounded learning by doing,inequality, and multi-sectorgrowth: A middle-class perspective.

Alain Desdoigts
Fernando Jaramillo
This paper develops a multi-sector model of middle-class-led economic growth, whereby (i) learning by doing interacts with scale economies and nonhomothetic preferences giving rise to endogenous growth, and (ii) the […]

Crime and education in a model of information transmission

Darío Maldonado
Darwin Cortes
Guido Friebel
We model the decisions of young individuals to stay in school or drop out and engage in criminal activities. We build on the literature on human capital and crime engagement […]

Kangaroo mother care had a protective effect on the volume of brain structures in young adults born preterm

Adriana Montealegre-Pomar
Darwin Cortes
Felipe Uriza
José Hernández
Juan Ruiz
Nathalie Charpak
Rejean Tessier
Aim: The protective effects of Kangaroo mother care (KMC) on the neurodevelop-ment of preterm infants are well established, but we do not know whether the ben-efits persist beyond infancy. Our aim […]