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Robotics in solid waste handling: From science fiction to reality

Carlos Julián Gallego Duque
Juan Camilo David
Luis Felipe Ortiz-Clavijo
Sergio Armando Gutiérrez Betancur
It is currently estimated that approximately 55% of the world population lives in urban centers (World Bank, 2020). This is partly caused by phenomena such as the migration of people […]

Estimating cost-effectiveness thresholds under a managed healthcare system: experiences from Colombia

Diego Ávila
Giancarlo Romano
Hernán Enríquez
Luis Orozco
Mateo Ceballos
Oscar Espinosa
Paul Rodríguez
Like most of the world, low- and middle-income countries have faced a growing demand for new health technologies and higher budget constraints. It is necessary to have technical instruments to […]

Wealth and inequality gradientsfor the detection and control ofhypertension in older individualsin middle-income economiesaround 2007-2015

María F. García
Paul Rodríguez
Philipp Hessel
Socioeconomic inequalities in the detection and treatment of non-communicable diseases represent a challenge for healthcare systems in middle-income countries (MICs) in the context of population ageing. This challenge is particularly […]

Productivity gaps atformal and informalmicrofirms

Luis H. Gutierrez
Paul Rodríguez
Although evidence of a productivity gap between formal and informal firms has been observed, this ‘‘formality premium” has been less explored for microfirms. The informality of microfirms is a central […]

Income inequality andself-rated health statusin Colombia

María Casabianca
Pamela Góngora
Paul Rodríguez
Background: The negative association between income inequality and health has been known in the literature as the Income Inequality Hypothesis (IIH). Despite the multiple studies examining the validity of this […]

Financial inclusion and business practices of microbusiness in Colombia

Juan Carlos Urueña Mejía
Luis H. Gutierrez
Paul Rodríguez
Financial inclusion is known to be relevant for improving the growth perspectives of microbusinesses. This research has three aims. First, to explore how adopting business practices can impact the usage […]

Corruption and Firms

Emanuele Colonnelli
Mounu Prem
We estimate the causal real economic effects of a randomized anti-corruption crackdown on local governments in Brazil using rich micro-data on corruption and firms. After anti-corruption audits,municipalities experience an increase […]

De-normalizing smoking in urban areas: Public smoking bans and smoking prevalence

Juan Miguel Gallego
Paul Rodríguez
Susana Otálvaro
The effectiveness of command-and-control policies related to tobacco use has been studied in high-income countries. Still, there is limited evidence of their effects in low and middle-income countries. We explore […]