This paper proposes a set of five indicators to monitor the bioeconomy in Colombia and Antioquia, one of the main regions of the country. The proposed indicators encompass the dimensions of sustainability and emphasize the role of knowledge and scientific research as driving forces of the bioeconomy strategies. To estimate the contribution of the bioeconomy to value added, employment, and greenhouse gas emissions, an input–output analysis is carried out. In addition, text mining analysis techniques are implemented to identify the research groups with an agenda related to bioeconomy fields. Our results reveal an important slot to foster the growth of a sustainable bioeconomy that enables local economies to achieve inclusive growth.


  • Andres García Suaza
  • Laura Ramírez Gómez
  • Mauricio Alviar
  • Simón Villegas Velásquez

Palabras clave:

  • Biobased industries
  • Colombia
  • Input-output analysis
  • Knowledge-based bioeconomy
  • Local strategies
  • Sustainable development


  • Proyecto 3
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