Robotics in solid waste handling: From science fiction to reality

It is currently estimated that approximately 55% of the world population lives in urban centers (World Bank, 2020). This is partly caused by phenomena such as the migration of people from rural areas toward cities. A direct consequence of this situation is the increase in solid waste (SW) generation. In 2018, the World Bank stated […]

Review on techniques of automatic solid waste separation in domestic applications

The accelerated modern day urban development is accompanied by an increasing production of solid waste. While managing solid waste on an industrial scale presents different technological challenges, managing household waste requires decentralized solutions dealing with the associated logistic and technical difficulties. In this review, we identify the research trends on household waste recycling by providing […]

Reciclaje inclusivo: hacia una economía circular en Colombia

Este libro aborda el proceso de reciclaje como un eje primordial en la búsqueda de sustentabilidad cuyo compromiso es disminuir el impacto ambiental del desarrollo económico. En Colombia el reciclaje constituye una oportunidad en los procesos económicos, pero también en la generación de conciencia en la protección del medio ambiente. En primer lugar, se realiza […]