Extracting Low-Cost Signals of Perceived Quality Control in Community Pharmacies: A Simulated Client Study of Contraceptive Dispensing in Bogotá

We determine whether community pharmacies in Bogotá produce differential quality signals, and if they are related to an objective quality measure: the compliance with prescription rules. In this quantitative descriptive study, we use the simulated client methodology (N=298) to assess whether Bogota’s community pharmacies comply with prescription rules related to contraceptive medications. We find that […]

Does price-cap regulation work for increasing access to contraceptives? Aggregate- and pharmacy-level evidence from Colombia

Price caps through international reference pricing are widely used worldwide but not so commonly in over-thecounter markets. We study the short-term effects of a price cap regulation for oral contraceptives in Colombia, a market dominated by the presence of several branded generics with multiple active ingredients. Most of the regulated products were fourth-generation contraceptives, and […]